LIFEPlan CCO NY 1-855-572-2669 ACA/NY 1-833-692-2269 Person Centered Services 1-855-208-3533 ©, TriaDD. LLC 2023 |07.23 RESIDENTIAL OPTIONS You have options when choosing where to live -independently at home, with family, or in a group home in the community. Regardless of where you live, or who you live with, supports are available to help you be as independent as possible. CHOOSING WHERE TO LIVE CERTIFIED SETTINGS Certified settings are residences overseen by state regulators to maintain safety and report on incidents. OPWDD inspections ensure that housing is healthy, safe and provides a positive quality of life. Certified settings are considered when all other options have been explored and determined not appropriate. Families must approve. NON-CERTIFIED SETTINGS Non-Certified settings are homes outside of the certified system. They can be agency run, owned by families or a corporation, cooperatives, condos, apartments, or single family homes. If receiving OPWDD funding, they are subject to the same regulations in reporting incidents or abuse as certified settings. Many are owned or run by provider agencies who apply their own regulations and standards, often with the same incident reporting features as in certified settings. May be funded through Self-Directed funds, Section 8, HUD, or OPWDD housing subsidies. OPTIONS FOR VARYING NEEDS Live independently in your own house or apartment, assistance options include: Live with family in their home with proper supports like respite and community habilitation. OPWDD Family Care Homes -living with another family, unrelated to you, ensuring you have all of the supports needed. Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRAs) -a group home with people of varying abilities. For further information, please contact your Care Manager. A live-in caregiver unrelated to you Integrated Supportive Housing (ISH) Transitional apartments Housing subsidies to help manage home costs Paid Neighbor provides help when needed Environmental Modifications (E-mods) Do you want or need to live with other people? Do you want to live independently? Have you had enough information, and are you supported in making this decision?