LIFEPlan CCO NY 1-855-572-2669 ACA/NY 1-833-692-2269 Person Centered Services 1-855-208-3533 ©, TriaDD. LLC 2023 |07.23 DAY SERVICES Day services are available to help you to acquire, retain or improve self-help, socialization and adaptive skills. Adaptive skills are the skills that help you interact with others and adjust to change in your environment. Examples include communication, problem solving, attention to rules, independence and various social skills. DAY SERVICE ACTIVITIES AND ENVIRONMENTS Activities &environments are designed to foster the development of skills and appropriate behavior, greater independence, community inclusion, relationship building, self-advocacy and informed choice. Programming varies depending upon your needs &interests. DAY SERVICE OPTIONS Community Habilitation Available to anyone eligible for OPWDD supports and services living in the community, not in a certified residence. Usually one-on-one with a provider staff member. Designed to help you learn and enhance the skills needed to live safely and independently, make and maintain friendships, interact in the community. Community Habilitation services can take place at your home or in the community. Community Habilitation in Certified Settings If you are living in a Certified Setting and wish to receive Community Habilitation but your personal situation requires you to receive this support at home, you can receive Community Habilitation in your Certified Setting. Day Habilitation Day habilitation is offered to anyone receiving OPWDD supports regardless of where they live. Day habilitation occurs outside of the home, either in the general community or in a certified program site. Day habilitation in the general community is referred to as “Day Hab Without Walls” or WOW. Many involved in day habilitation are involved in community volunteer opportunities. For further information, please contact your Care Manager.